Berry Extreme


CBD Hemp for sale. First of all , we have the best quality CBD hemp . Secondly , our Berry Extreme has low thc levels and high CBD levels as listed as THC: 0.2 and CBD 23% . Most importantly we offer the best pricing and the shipments are safe and guaranteed .


CBD Hemp for sale

The buds from this strain are small but very nice consistency. Some Hemp really lacks in the consistency area, not the case with the Berry Extreme . Its got a nice dark green color to it with a great selection of phenotypes. One bud could be deep green, another lighter green with blue Hairs and shades. While another could have nice deep, thick red hairs on the nugs.

THC is 0.2% and CBD is 20%

Our Services for CBD Hemp for sale

We have always been the best company in the distribution of hemp products worldwide. We are known for offering the best hemp products to other wholesalers and final consumers.

More so , our staff are available for questions and to help all our clients make their orders without any problems.

Furthermore , we accept visitations during working hours and we welcome new ideas from our customers on how to improve our services. Bulk purchases are accompanied with discounts and price reduction coupled with free shipping to any part of the word.

In continuation , products which do not arrive or which are damaged during delivery will be replaced with a batch of new shipment within a couple of days . This is to guarantee our customers a wonderful business relationship. For example express delivery time to Europe and USA is very quick and reliable .

Finally , High CBD Hemp Flowers is a hemp manufacturer and distributor looking to offer the general public a good business relationship and we are willing to also partner up with any clients or entity who are currently looking to make a large purchase of hemp flowers .

We usually pack our hemp flowers per customer demand and we make sure there are little or no shakes in the packages we usually ship out to the general public . Our priority is to bring smiles to the faces of our clients

To conclude , our quality , hand trimming method and pricing is the best . Contact us for more info

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